CaringBridge Journal-Post Op

IMG_0017Surgery was a success!

Journal entry by Alyssa Lotito —

Hello Family and friends!

Just wanted to let everyone know that Gina is out of surgery and in recovery.  We are not able to see her for about another hour, but we were able to talk to both surgeons.  The surgery went very well!  There were no complications and everything went as excepted.  They were able to test two lymph nodes and they came out clear.  That was exactly what we wanted to hear!!  That means the cancer has not spread.  Her parents feel lots of relief and are very thankful for all the love and support Gina has received!

Please no visitors at this time.  I will post all the needed information when Gina is ready for visitors.

Strong like Bull

Journal entry by Alyssa Lotito —

Gina keeps telling all of the nurses and hospital staff that she is “Strong like Bull.” That could not be any more true!!  She is beyond strong and taking this like a champ.  She got moved to her hospital room around 3:00.  At that point she was awake and her vibrant self.  She was joking and making us all laugh, but trying to not make herself laugh because it hurts her when she laughs.  The pain started kicking in about 30 minutes later, it hurts her tramendously to breathe, but she is hanging in there.  She even got up out of the bed (with some help) and walked on her own to the restroom.  She then asked the nurse if she could walk to the wall of her room and back just to get practice walking.  The nurse and I were so impressed!!  She hated the liquid diet, so she was beyond excited when the nurse approved her to eat solid foods.  I don’t think Gina has ever been so excited for pork, mashed potatoes, and green beans in her life!  Now it is just the pain game and keeping her pain managed so she can sleep and stay relatively comfortable.  She is such a fighter and hanging in there.

Gina is still not ready for visitors, but I will let you know as soon as she is!

Goodnight Team Grosso!  Talk to you in the morning ❤️


The Ups and Downs of Post Op

Journal entry by Alyssa Lotito —

Today started off as a good day.
Before I arrived at the hospital, Gina had a visit from both of her surgeons.  They both said that they were very pleased with how things looked and there was no bruising so far.  They said that if everything goes well she should be able to leave the hospital tomorrow.
When I walked into Gina’s hospital room around 9:00AM this morning, there was a women in a white lab coat giving Gina a grab bag of stuff made by breast cancer survivors.  There was a blanket that was her high school colors and a soft apron holder for her drains to wear home.  Those were just two things in a bag full of goodies.  Shortly after that, Gina was feeling up to having a few short visits with people.  Two of Gina’s friends came, both amazed by how Gina looks.  She does look great!
Once her visitors left, the nurse gave Gina some antibiotics and some more pain meds.  This is when things started to take a turn for the worst.  Gina began getting really itchy and itchiness quickly worsened overtime.  Poor thing was absolutely miserable.  Between icepacks, wet washcloths, Benadryl, we were trying anything and everything to make her feel better.  However, it just became worst and worst.  She said it reminded her of when she had poison ivy, but this time it was from the top of her head all the way down to her toes.  After, a second does of Benadryl the itching reduced slightly.  However, now the affects of all this moving, crying, and dry heaving was causing the pain in her chest to worsen.  Then started the game of trying to figure out what was causing the itching and what pain medicine they should give her.  Although, they gave her pain meds and antibiotics at the same time, the nurse assumed it was the pain meds causing the reaction.  They decided to stay far away from that medicine and give her something else.
She was able to get somewhat comfortable enough to watch (AKA listen with her eyes closed) a movie with her mom and I.  During the movie, her dinner came and she was finally able to eat a good amount of food.  After the movie, she decided to take a short walk down the hall.  Although she was still in some pain, she knew she would not be able to leave the hospital unless she started walking and the itching was way better, so she thought she would give walking a shot.  Gina walked like a champ!  As she keeps saying, “I do orange theory.”  She was able to slowly walk from one end of the hallway to the other and watch the sunset.  Of course we paused at the end of the hall to take an “usie.”  Gina wanted to walk a little more, but we did not want her to overdo it.  We then went back to her room and beautified her.  She was sitting in the chair and feeling good.  Her mom and I helped her get in her hospital bed and then I left.  She was exhausted from her walk and ready for bed.
After about an hour or so of being home, I got a text from her mom saying the reaction was back.  Unfortunately, it turned out that the reaction was caused by the antibiotics and not the pain meds.  Hoping the Benadryl kicks in so she can get some sleep.
Today had lots of ups and downs, but overall Gina is hanging in there and taking it like a champ!  She is seriously being so strong through all of this.
I will continue to keep everyone posted!  Thanks for all the love and support!

The itch is back

Journal entry by Gina Grosso —

Post op day 2….this is Harriet aka Mom. It turns out the antibiotic was the itch culprit. After multiple extremely itchy episodes and thanks to Benadryl and Percocet Gina is now comfortable. Surgeons decided she needs one more day in the hospital before they cut her loose. (No pun intended!) Her spirits are high and she is taking each step as it comes. We will post again soon.

The Waiting Game

Journal entry by Alyssa Lotito —

Gina and I are sitting here in the hospital room hoping they did not forget about us. Yesterday there were nurses in here all throughout the day, but today they have seemed to disappear.  I just opened the door hoping to spark their memory haha

Last night was the most normal things have felt in a long time.  We Uber Eats Thai food and watched a movie.  Oh and by “watched” I mean we started the movie, got bored of it, and put Married at First Sight on the iPad instead.  It was a good old fashion sleep over, except I was sleeping on a tiny hospital couch and Gina was in a hospital bed.  All was good until she started itching again.  Turns out Gina’s body jut can’t handle the Oxy.  She is on different meds now, so the itch is officially gone!!!

Right now we are eating lunch and anxiously waiting for the surgeon to come check on Gina so she can be discharged.  She is beyond ready to go home… so the waiting game continues.

Thanks for all of the support team Grosso!



Journal entry by Alyssa Lotito —

Gina has offically been discharged from the hospital and has found a cozy spot on her sisters couch.

She is so excited to be out of the hospital but ready for the pain to stop.


Now up… Nausea

Journal entry by Alyssa Lotito —

Morning update:  I wish it was a better update, but poor Gina is miserable 😢. She had a really really rough night.  The meds have started to make her very nauseous, so now on top of all the pain, she is throwing up.  Which causes more pain.  It is just a horrible cycle.  The Dr. just prescribed some anti nausea meds, so we are hoping those will help.  If not, Gina wants to try and go without the pain meds. Even when she “feels like death” she is so freaking strong!!

Due to how miserable Gina is feeling right now, she has requested no visitors.  Hopefully my next update will be much more positive 🤞 I will let everyone know when she is feeling up to visitors.


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